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October 13, 2019

Adinkra African Dance Theatre is a dance company created from an absence that exists in many communities. Throughout the world there is a lack of genuine appreciation for the cultures of people across the African diaspora, but it is not difficult to identify the amount of influence that Black people around the world have had on societal developments and popular culture. Unfortunately, many individuals do not give the proper credit to these individuals or groups.

Creating this company was largely based on being able to educate masses about the different cultures throughout the diaspora for the things that are great and things that we must better as a community. Adinkra uses Afro-Contemporary Dance to illustrate, celebrate, and critique the cultures of all those who are part of the African diaspora. Adinkra maintains that all people of African descent share cultural connections and these connections should grace spaces that are artistic and/or intellectual to continue to foster and celebrate that connectedness.