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The team of artists and directors at Adinkra African Dance Theatre work hard in order to produce compelling performances for audiences nationwide. We wouldn’t be where we are today if not for the amazing talent and hard work within the company. These are the faces of the premier dance company in Atlanta, Georgia.



Artistic Director

N.K. Condua is a native of the metro Atlanta area by way of Ghana, West Africa. Coming from a traditional Fante family, Mr. Condua continues to train in various genres of dance, but specializes in the teaching of dance and dance histories from West Africa. N.K. Condua serves as the dance teacher at KIPP STRIVE Academy and continues to create choreography that shows the connection between native Africans and African-American people.


Rehearsal Director

Lenataa S. Goka has trained in various genres of dance including ballet, modern, contemporary, traditional West African, and Afrobeats/Afrofusion. Ms. Goka has had the opportunity to train at Atlanta Ballet Studios, Anthony Burrell Center for Dance, Gibney Company Summer Intensive, and Mr. Kavin Grant's Summer Dance Company Experience. Ms. Goka is proudly a second generation Nigerian citizen representing the Ogoni people of Rivers State.


Rehearsal Director

Michaela Johnson, a native of Decatur, GA discovered her passion for dance in church and led to her choosing dance as a career. Ms. Johnson is a Spelman College alumna with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama with a concentration in Dance. She has trained with notable individuals and groups such as Diane McIntyre and the American Dance Festival in Durham, NC. Ms. Johnson continues to perform with notable artists such as Brik.liam and Maranda Curtis.

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